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Corporate Connect Cell

Industry’ Institute Interaction Programs, Triple “I”

Industry Institute Interaction Programs, Triple “I”, bridges the gap between industry and institute and helps students to foster into fine individuals – An overall package who is more than a degree holder, with the feedback and help of industry experts. This program ensures that the teaching methodology maintain a minimum teaching standard and teaching is imparted with latest tools available, incorporating all elements which enable the students to possess the requisite skill-set for corporate. It makes students enthusiastic learners who are skilled and globally educated. This program covers:

  • Competitions (Case studies, Presentations, Technical Exhibitions, Business Plans, Research on Technologies etc.)
  • Foundation programs: Industry tailored electives not covered by institutions
  • Industrial Visits
  • Internships and adoption programs (continuous 2-5 months in industry on a project)
  • Faculty development programs by industry experts

VGI believes that education and industry must have a reciprocal relationship in order to gain the most from each other. Better interaction between an academic Institution and Industry is the need of the hour. So, keeping this aim in mind VGI has developed a strong network with Corporate Professionals.

The Corporate Connect Cell works in the following direction to build a bright and prospective career for the students –

The sole aim of this initiative is to help bridge the gap between the Industry requirements and the skill set provided by the academic institutions.

Corporate Advisory Board

For any professional institution, an interaction with academic and corporate world is of paramount importance. We, at VGI, believe that education and industry must have a reciprocal relationship in order to gain the most from each other. Therefore VGI intends to constitute a Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) with members from corporate world.

Corporate Advisory Board (VGI)

Mr.Kishore Chakarborti (VP Consumer Insights & HFD, McCann Erikson)

Mr.Prashant Rathore (Regional Marketing Manager, Indian Sub Continent Edexcel, Pearson)

Mr.Prajakat Raut (President Angel Investors Consortium)

Mr.Kavee Kumar (CEO Globe Capital & Founder Member India Bulls)

Dr.Pushker Srivastava (ED Nightshade Group Of Companies)

Mr.Amit Sinha(HR Head Bharti Airtel)

Ms.Neetu Singh (Manager Talent Acquisition Landys & gyr )

Nishant Saxena (Procter & Gamble;IIMl 2000)

Vinay Sharma (Airtel, VIP, Lockheed Martin; IIMC 1996)

Mr.Manish Mehrotra (IIT ’ Roorkee , Lohia Starlinger Ltd)

Prof. Tapan Bagchi (B.Tech., IIT Kanpur & Ph.D, Canada-1971)

Gaurav Ajmera (B.Tech., IIT Delhi 2008)

Sudhanshu Mishra (HP, Wipro, Xerox; IIML 1992)

Key Objectives of Corporate Advisory Board:

Work on sharpening the curriculum and pedagogy according to the corporate need and requirements.

Participate in our Employability Competency System (ECS), a pre-recruitment selection tool and process to gauge the skill set available with us.

Conducting faculty development projects with well designed sabbaticals.

Guidance in conducting various national and international seminars/conferences/ workshops by providing us their guidance/suggestions or participating jointly with us.

Advising and helping us on better placements and internships of VGI talent pool.

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