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About Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing medication and provides the drug related support to the medical Doctor in particular and public in general. This course imparts wide spectrum of knowledge related to non clinical area of medical field and gives abundant exposure of technology related to manufacturing, synthesis of drug molecules. The major development in the field of pharmacy have created avenues in the field of biotechnology clinical sciences, pharmacogenomic, pharmacovigilance, Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and allied areas. Even in USAH-IB visa is being given to such technologists who are demand in USA and pharmacy graduates are one such category which falls in the group. In our country the need of the trained pharmacist is very large in the industry, for Marketing, in Government, in Hospital. A recent study shows that in last trisemester of this year the need of the country is about 60,000 personnel in area of health, Pharmacy is indeed the majors segment of placement within the country as of now. I wish the entire pharmacist to serve its profession and country in their best effort. This profession is Recession Free Course which is sacred and flourishing as any other technical branch.


To develop an academically conducive environment that can expose students to the value based quality education and all round personality development.
• To develop world class institute and prepare the students in such a way so that they can pursue the career in manufacturing, marketing, quality control and consultancy in industries and hospitals. Students can also follow on post graduation and research and development studies.
• To cater the needs of Pharmaceutical industries, research laboratories and teaching institutes.
• To develop the drug information center and patient counseling.
• To collaborate with indigenous and global industries to meet the future requirement of the drug discovery invention and development.
• To refine the students by providing quality education by offering a total flawless System.

About the Program

The Department of Pharmacy at Vishveshwarya Group of Institutions offers B.Pharma Programme at undergraduate level since 2005. This programme is of 4 years which is Affiliated by AICTE, UPTU & PCI (Pharmacy Council of India).

Teaching Pedagogy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is an amalgamation of both theory and practical curriculum. The state of art well-equipped Laboratories have been developed keeping in mind the essence of practical knowledge. The Laboratories are equipped with sophisticated instruments like:- FT Infrared spectrophotometer, Jaysco HPLC Schimadzu (1600) U.V Flame Photometer, Digital M.P apparatus & Visible spectrophotometer etc as per Pharmacy Council of India Norms.

The department has following areas of research:-


Department of Pharmaceutics:-

Department of pharmaceutics has well equipped laboratories of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Microbiology.

It also has a separate machine Room equipped with machines for preparation of various dosage forms like Tablets, Ointments, Capsules, and Parentrals. It has separate sterile area and laminar air flow area.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry:-

Department of pharmaceutical chemistry is well equipped with two pharmaceutical synthetic chemistry and an analytical laboratory. It has instrumentation facilities with modern equipments like FT-IR Spectrophotometer, HPLC, U.V, and Flame photometer, PH Meter etc. needed for advanced pharmaceutical research.

Department of Pharmacology :-

Pharmacology department has well maintained animal house which enables our students to have hand on training in animal handling and performing the pre clinical studies. Department has its separate pharmacology, Anatomy Physiology and Pathophysiology laboratories.

Department of Pharmacognosy:-

Pharmacognosy department has well maintained Herbal Garden with more than 50 varieties of medicinally important plants and separate Pharmacognosy laboratories for the study of flora facilitated by sophisticated instruments like Electronic Microscope, Soxhlete apparatus, TLC Chambers etc.


Pharmacy offers unlimited job opportunities which vary from self employment to High salaried Government Jobs. The brief description is shown below:



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