"Dear All Engineering Aspiring Students, Microsoft VGI Entrance Exam has been scheduled from May 18th to May 30th in Lucknow , Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Mau, Gorakhpur, Jaunpur and Jhansi". For more details contact at 9717095521.

Management’s Desk


Vishveshwarya is a world renowned for our outstanding faculty and staff, as well as our exceptional facilities and other resources. In VIET, faculty explore, ponder, research and discover. Students are encouraged to open their minds and proactively create real world solutions. Our institute provides research and intellectual resources to address problems facing the industry and the world. We are meeting our mission to produce professionals who are well prepared to enter and assume leadership roles. We aspire to excellence because we believe the societal challenges we face are so important that we must insist on the highest standards of discovery, investigation and analysis. As a community of use-inspired engineering scholars and educators of the highest order, we are capable of the deep, broad, and concerted translational research and education activities that will be required to maintain leadership in innovation. In fact, this is the very mission for which Vishveshwarya was founded. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in many ways, and we expect that future generations will do the same.
Sh V.K. Jindal

Welcome to Vishveshwarya Group of institution’s website!

Here at Vishveshwarya, we set high standards for ourselves and our students. New goals often exceed past successes. To reach those goals, we must continue to innovate and improve our programs, our research facilities, and student resources. In VGI, we do not work to maintain our excellence, but to envision even higher goals in the future.

Today’s engineers must be citizens of the world. Engineers are challenged to solve problems on a global scale. At Vishveshwarya we are committed to building multi-cultural skills and communication, challenging our students and faculty to grow beyond borders and boundaries. This is demonstrated by our curriculum and in the staff, faculty, and students we attract.

The flexible curriculum that we have pioneered and implemented in all departments within the institute allows every student to customize the program to achieve his or her goals. Here, too, innovation is a priority, and we are currently incorporating courses to help students grow these highly-desirable skill sets.
Sh. K.K. Bansal


Vishveshwarya Group of Institutions welcomes you to our website. I would like to invite you all to explore this whole new world of opportunities offered by VGI. Analyze how we strive hard to realize your dreams by making available necessary resources.

It seems just yesterday how all of us, belonging to different educational backgrounds and fraternity, came together and initiated the most ambitious program, VGI (Vishveshwarya Group of Institutions) which exemplifies philanthropy and contributes towards development of the society as a whole. VGI gets inspiration from numerous creative ideas floated by its eminent leadership and dedicated intellectual minds. The four institutes of VGI encompass technical, managerial and medical fields. Our endeavor is to fully equip the state of Uttar Pradesh and youth here with comprehensive education and employment so that we flourish and our society prospers. Undoubtedly, VGI’s true strength and most precious possession is the student fraternity. All our programs, ventures and actions are governed and concentrated to meet the challenges faced by our students and to make them self-reliant and fully-equipped to face true challenges of the world with right conduct.

My best wishes to our colleagues, faculty, staff and students.


Sh. Sanjeev Bansal
(Vice Chairman)


Your Success is our Dream!

Our Institution and we are dedicated and zealous to produce highly competent and efficient, “Real Professionals” who can redefine the global standards. We strive not to mere educate students with degree certificates rather enhance their overall personality that makes a difference wherever they go. We endeavor to bring out the hidden technical skills and abilities of the students with a view of achieving highest quality technical education to shape their future. We provide meaningful education, research and training at all levels to match global standards.

Our policy is to maneuver the students’ thought process by building confidence in them and by imbibing qualities like discipline, dedication and determination for rightful and needful conduct. We have put together an experienced team of highly qualified, motivated and dedicated staff, supported by excellent infrastructural facilities to make the institution an ideal place of learning. It is obligatory on our part not only to reach high academic standards as on today, but also continuously upgrade them. It gives us immense pleasure when students graduated from our college are very well placed in their careers.

I wish you success in all your future endeavors.
Sh.Sunil Jindal

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