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Student Welfare


About G0FCA : Ground Zero Forum for Computer Application (G0FCA) is running successfully for past four year under the able guidance of DSW and Head, Dept. of CS & IT Prof S. K. Singh, teacher coordinators Mr. Davesh Kumar Sharma and Mr. Gaurav Sachan along with the student body elected every year.

Vision : The vision of G0FCA is to facilitate the process of understanding the enigma of Computer Science & Engineering in true aspect of the subject. Since Computer Science is a field very easy to pass but quite complex to understand, the vision thus adopted is to establish a forum for transparent exchange of ideas and promotion of innovation.

Mission : The mission behind establishment of G0FCA is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application at the very grass root level. Organizing events, symposiums, seminars, lectures, workshops and brainstorming session to bridge the gap between the college and industrial expectation thereby giving the student members an idea of the real arena of Computer Science.


EATOis among the students’ societies of VGI running successfully under the able guidance of Head, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Prof (Dr.) H. C. Sharma.

VISION: To be aware with new creative and innovative ideas.

MISSION: To be associated and share our knowledge with each other.


About Nirman : ‘NIRMAAN’ aims at providing the students of Civil Engineering with a strong, broad-based, education which can help them in developing the basic intellectual and organization skills that allow them to meet the present Industrial demands with up to-date technological, social and environmental knowhow.

Mission : The mission of ‘NIRMAAN’ is to produce competent and disciplined quality Civil Engineers to meet global changes in development, innovation and applications of technology in the service of humanity through teamwork, social and professional interaction. NIRMAAN offers many activities, including guest speakers, annual competitions and social activities to enhance the engineering education experience of students and to transform them into better Engineering professionals of high ethics.
Vision : ‘NIRMAAN’ is dedicated to produce Civil Engineers at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise with full trust and honesty, ethical behavior, high standards, quality and professionalism.
Foundation :Founded in the year 2011, NIRMAAN was formed to enhance the quality of education through the advancement of professional knowledge and practical application of civil engineering for the students.
Timeline : The following is a list of Civil Engineering events as designated by NIRMAAN since it began the program in 2011:


About VSME: VSME helps the Mechanical Engineering community of VGI to develop solutions to real world challenges through application of the core concepts in well molded ideas. Founded in 2009 as the Vishveshwarya Society of Mechanical Engineers, VSME is a not – for -profit students initiative that enables collaborative knowledge sharing and skill development across all engineering disciplines at VGI.

Mission : The mission of VSME is to serve the Mechanical students of VGI by facilitating in understanding the enigma of Mechanical Engineering by providing the practical opportunities to apply the theoretical concepts. This practical application is in form of various events, competitions, seminars, symposiums, etc. These vivid opportunities empower our students by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improving the quality of life; and communicating the excitement of engineering.

Vision : VSME aims to be the essential resource for skill and quality enhancement of mechanical engineering students of VGI.

VSME Foundation : The VSME Foundation is committed to support and developing programs that create and enhance the engineering concepts and works for the overall development of the students of VGI.

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