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Vishveshwarya Group of Institutions has experienced and talented Research faculty and they are world renowned researchers of repute.

Dr. V. P Singh
Assistant ProfessorDr. V. P Singh
B.Sc ; M.Sc; Ph.D
Prof. Shikha Shishodiya
Assistant ProfessorProf. Shikha Shishodiya
B.Sc; M.Sc
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Assistant ProfessorDr. Sanjay Kumar
B.Sc; B.Ed;M.Sc; Ph.D
Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh
ProfessorDr. Ajay Pratap Singh
B.Sc; M.Sc; Ph.D
Prof. Sapna Singh
HOD B. Tech (1st Year)Prof. Sapna Singh
Dean Students' Welfare
Prof. Chakshu Gupta
Assistant ProfessorProf. Chakshu Gupta
PGDM, MBA & B. Com.
Prof. Manisha Grover
Assistant ProfessorProf. Manisha Grover
MBA (Finance & HR), BBA
Prof. Devendra Kumar
Assistant ProfessorProf. Devendra Kumar
M.Sc(Math), B.Ed.
Prof. Rashid Imam
Assistant ProfessorProf. Rashid Imam
B.Tech (AMU), M. Tech(AMU)
Prof. Sushil Kumar Singh
Assistant ProfessorProf. Sushil Kumar Singh
B. Tech( BIT), M. Tech(IIT, Delhi)
Prof. Nitin Gaur
Assistant ProfessorProf. Nitin Gaur
B. Tech , M.Tech
Prof. Shaukat Ali
HOD (MBA Department)Prof. Shaukat Ali
Prof. Ranjan Prakash
Assistant ProfessorProf. Ranjan Prakash
B. Tech (VIET), M.Tech ( MNNIT)
Prof. Arya Navnita
Assistant ProfessorProf. Arya Navnita
B. Tech( VBU), M.Tech(MDU)
Prof. Navin Kumar
Assistant ProfessorProf. Navin Kumar
B.Tech( Kurushetra University), M. Tech (MDU)
Prof. Sulabh Pathak
HOD (Mechanical Engg.)Prof. Sulabh Pathak
B. Tech (SRMCEM), M.Tech(RGPV)
Prof. Ritendra Singh
Assistant ProfessorProf. Ritendra Singh
B.Tech, M. Tech. + Ph.D.(Integrated)
Prof. Tariq Naseem
Assistant ProfessorProf. Tariq Naseem
Diploma(AMU) B.E.(AMU) M.TECH(AMU)
Prof. Deepak Kumar
Assistant ProfessorProf. Deepak Kumar
M.TECH, B.Tech
Prof. Tulsi Chouhan
HOD (Mechanical Engg.)Prof. Tulsi Chouhan
B.E and M.E.
Prof. Shubham Kashyap
HOD (Ist Year)Prof. Shubham Kashyap
M.Tech (Hons.), B.Tech
Prof. O P Saini
HOD (Electrical Engg.)Prof. O P Saini
B.Tech & Skill Industrial Certification
Prof. Shomil Bansal
HOD (Computer Science)Prof. Shomil Bansal
M.Tech(CS), B.Tech
Prof. Babu Khan
HOD (Mechanical Engg.)Prof. Babu Khan
MBA, B.Tech(Hons.)
Prof. Ritesh Kumar
HOD (Civil Engg.)Prof. Ritesh Kumar
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. Jitendra Kumar
Associate Professor/ Assistant RegistrarProf. Jitendra Kumar
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. (Dr.) V. P. Singh
Associate ProfessorProf. (Dr.) V. P. Singh
Ph.D.(Maths), M.Sc
Prof. Shiv Kumar
Assistant ProfessorProf. Shiv Kumar
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. Ravi Kumar
LecturerProf. Ravi Kumar
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. Siddharth Mishra
LecturerProf. Siddharth Mishra
M.Tech(CS), B.Tech
Prof. Rinku Chandra
Assistant ProfessorProf. Rinku Chandra
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. R. B. Patel
LecturerProf. R. B. Patel
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. Anu Arora
LecturerProf. Anu Arora
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. Kajal Prajapati
LecturerProf. Kajal Prajapati
M. Sc. (Chemistry)
Prof. Akanksha Tiwari
Assistant ProfessorProf. Akanksha Tiwari
Ph.D*,MBA(HR, Marketing),MA(English), B.Ed
Prof. Dolly Yadav
Assistant ProfessorProf. Dolly Yadav
MBA(HR), MA (Economics, English)
Mr. Kuldeep  Bhatt
Assistant ProfessorMr. Kuldeep Bhatt
M.Tech, B.Tech
Prof. J. P. Nayak
Assistant ProfessorProf. J. P. Nayak
M.Tech. (Gold Medalist)
Prof. Chandni Tiwari
Assistant ProfessorProf. Chandni Tiwari
Mr. Rohan Barella
Assistant ProfessorMr. Rohan Barella
M.Tech., B.Tech.
Prof. Jitendra Kumar
LecturerProf. Jitendra Kumar
M. Sc (Physics), B. Ed.
Prof.  Sachin Kumar
LecturerProf. Sachin Kumar
Diploma (Fashion Design), B.Sc* (Fashion Design)
Prof. Sheetal
LecturerProf. Sheetal
Diploma(Computer Science), B.Tech(CS)
Prof. Anchal Pawadia
Assistant ProfessorProf. Anchal Pawadia
MBA(HR & Marketing), B. Com.

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