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Board of Trustees

Board of trustees will represent a cross-section of business, industry, institutions, and/or the profession relevant to the particular academic program.

Shri V.K. Jindal
Chairman Shree Nath Ji TrustShri V.K. Jindal
Shri K.K. Bansal
President Shri Nath Ji TrustShri K.K. Bansal
Shri Sunil Jindal
Secretary – Shri Nath Ji TrustShri Sunil Jindal
Shri Sanjeev Bansal
Vice Chairman Shri Nath Ji TrustShri Sanjeev Bansal

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Vishvewshwarya Campus, 20 Kms. from Ghaziabad on Ghaziabad-Bulandshahr G.T. Road, NH-91 Greater Noida Phase-II, Gautam Buddha Nagar , UP-203207

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