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MAT (Microsoft Aptitude Test) is a Computer-Based Test organized by the institution for the candidates wishing to take admission under management quota. The objective of the test is to ascertain the competency in related subjects of the course applied for by the candidate.

Following are the MAT Subjects for their respective Courses:

Course Applied MAT Subjects for Assessments Level of Subjects
B.Tech. (all Branches) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Aptitude Class 10+2
B.Pharma Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Aptitude Class 10+2
MBA Accounts, Economics, Management, Finance, Aptitudee Graduation Level

Test Process

The MAT can be taken at the VGI Campus or even at the locations specified by the Institution. It is important that the candidate pre-registers for taking the MAT. MAT is a computer-based test of 60 minutes duration with no negative marking. The result of the test is declared immediately and based on the performance in MAT, the candidate is eligible for scholarships under the management quota. Please Contact the Admission Cell (link to admission cell)to know more about the scholarships available to the MAT participants.

VGI MAT Guidelines

  • As mentioned earlier, MAT is used to ascertain the students candidature for the program applied by the candidate. For getting admission to any of the programs offered by VGI, its imperative that the candidate demonstrates a specified level of knowledge, competency and the right aptitude. Needless to say, VGI does not entertain students looking to get direct admission in the institution without assessing the student’s relevant competency.
  • The students are advised to brush up the basic concepts of the subjects on which they will be assessed through MAT.
  • The use of mobile phones during the MAT is strictly not allowed. However, the student s can use the scientific calculators during the test.
  • Students must report atleast 30 minutes prior to the commencement of MAT.
  • The students are not allowed to go out of the assessment room during the test.
  • The student shall be allowed to use paper sheets and pens for rough calculations during the test.
  • In case of any technical issue during the test the students must inform the MAT Coordinator present in the assessment room immediately.
  • The scholarships prescribed by the institution are purely based on the level of performance of the candidate in the MAT and shall be final and binding.

Admission Helpline

1800-8430-400 , 81302 93785

Admission Enquiry