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Message from Secretary

Dear Aspirant

Vishveshwarya Institute has been cultivating talented minds to fulfill the requirements of the corporate/Industry for almost two decades now, creating extensive network of professionals across the globe. India is growing economy and has the attention of world players for investment and expansion. This brings about a need for employable graduates. Creating world class young leaders, who can steer and transform Indian organisation into global organisation to compete across the world is what we focus in VGI. We have no dearth of exceptional excellence and expertise, which we have gained and built up in past 19 years.
VGI has designed industry integrated course curriculum for each course to bridge employability gap by bringing all major stakeholders of this demand-supply chain in close coordination with each other to work seamlessly.
We have realised the pertinent need for industry-academia tie ups wherein industry pursues competitive excellence and academia brings in innovation and knowledge to foster best practices to make the students not just employable but at par with the industry expectations.
With the ever increasing number of aspiring candidates applying for our institution every year, we aim to create “Vishveshwarya University” in near future with industry leaders as our partners.
In today's world, the dilemma of the students is to decide about the best college and course of study. Based on my personal knowledge and expertise in the sector, I will surely advice them to join VGI to relieve them from all of their worries. VGI provides the individual with benefit of a combination of academic experiences to develop relevant employability skills preparing them for the future challenges of the outside world.
If you have big dreams and you are ready to compose a new chapter in your life, we have the expertise and opportunity to empower you to fulfill all your dreams.
The purpose of this prospectus is to help you with relevant information as clearly as possible – so that you can find what you need to know to take the next big leap in your life.

Sunil Jindal.....

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