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About R & D Cell

Research and Development (R&D) Cell at VGI operates with the mission to become a centre of excellence in education by focused research pursuits, through an interface with industry and academia. The cell is continuously working towards achieving this mission by conducting National Seminars, International Conferences, Management Development Programs, Faculty Development Programs, publication of Journals, workshops and similar activities. The students form the central part of all these activities. Students are encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars, paper presentation and project competitions. The (R&D) Cell aims to provide a platform to its students, academicians, researchers and business practitioners to discuss the rapidly changing business horizon and the entire economy.

This connection aims to advance education, research and outreach in key areas. They provide a forum where knowledge and understanding of business can be exchanged between the academic and the corporate worlds. The cell conducts research and organizes seminars, conferences, development programs.


  • To imbibe the interdisciplinary culture for research among faculty & students.
  • To ensure smooth and effective functioning of R&D activities.
  • To provide a focal point in the institution to co-ordinate R&D activities between faculty members, industry and students.
  • The Cell promotes multi-disciplinary academic as well as industry-oriented research.


  • To promote product and service based on research and development.
  • To become a product and service base research culture which suits for society and industry.


  • To develop and expand innovative research programs that align well with institutional mission and strategic plan.
  • To involve multidisciplinary infrastructure facilities to promote product-based research.
  • To create research group from multiple disciplines.

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